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Communications report to session 45 of the Human Rights Council, communications sent from 01 Mar 2020 to 31 May 2020 and their replies received until 31 Jul 2020. Some names of individuals or other information have been rendered anonymous or otherwise unidentifiable.
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    05 Mar 2020
    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • executions
  • freedom of opinion and expression
  • freedom of peaceful assembly and of association
  • human rights defenders
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • violence against women
information received, concerning attacks, harassment and serious threats made over against the BBC Persian Service and the BBC World Service and its staff by the authorities of Iran (the Islamic Republic of) in conjunction with its coverage of the civil unrest and the extent of the casualties caused by a strong reaction to protests linked to an increase in fuel prices and the introduction of petrol rationing.
Alleged victims: 401
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    05 Mar 2020
    Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
  • torture
  • arbitrary Detention
Información recibida en relación con la supuesta detención y tratamientos degradantes sufridos por el Sr Luís Humberto de la Sotta Quiroga, el Sr Ruperto Molina Ramírez, el Sr Johnny Mejías Laya y el Sr Igbert Marín Chaparro bajo custodia de la Dirección general de Contra-Inteligencia Militar (DGCIM). Estas prácticas serían sistemáticas en varios centros custodiados por la DGCIM, incluso en las instalaciones de la DGCIM en Boleíta.
Alleged victims: 4
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    02 Mar 2020
  • torture
  • disappearances
  • religion or belief
  • terrorism
Information received concerning Ali Ebrahim Mohamed Ameen Ebrahim AlArab, Husain Ali Redha Ebrahim Khamis Barbar, Isa Jaafar Isa Hasan AlAbd, Majeed Ahmed Habib Ahmed, Ali AbdulAziz Ali Husain Mohamed, Salah Saeed Saleh Ali Hasan AlHammar, Ali Hasan Ali Ashoor Ali, and Sadiq Jaafar Isa Abdulla Hasan AlAbd who reportedly have been subjected to torture or other ill-treatment.
Alleged victims: 8
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09 May 2020