Communication report and search


Under the section ‘Communications search’, results can be obtained by any search word, or by entering the case number, or country, or mandate name and period including by session for the cases already reported.

Using the ‘search term’ box will only search in the summaries of the communications available in the site. This box is not case-insensitive and the search result, if multiple words are used, will combine the search on each word: a search on “migrant asylum seekers” is the equivalent of a search on all 3 words independently.

In addition to the above, criteria searches can be refined further by selecting one or more options for each of the following filters: geographic region or state/entity, issues, communication numbers, sessions of the Human Rights Council.

Please be aware that for those communications where government replies are received subsequent to the reporting period, these replies will be reported at the link under ‘replies received’ on the section ‘Latest Report’.

The latest communications sent and replies received can be accessed by filtering to the latest session number or can also be tracked under the section ‘Latest Report’ under the link ‘communications sent’.

Links to communication letters and government replies relating to HRC 18 and before are currently unavailable and will be released in a staggered manner.