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    02 May 2016
  • torture
  • violence against women
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  • women in law and in practice
Alleged detrimental human rights impact of a draft law proposed by a civic committee, aiming at prohibiting and criminalizing abortion under all circumstances. According to the information received, in April 2016, the “Stop abortion” civic committee presented a draft law revising the Family Planning, Human Embryo Protection and Conditions of Permissibility of Abortion Act of 7 January 1993 and the Penal Code of 1997. The proposed revisions include replacing the term “human foetus” by “the conceived child” or “the unborn child”, prohibiting abortion under all circumstances and criminalizing all persons intentionally causing the death or the severe impairment/injury of the foetus, including the woman herself. Under current legislation abortion is authorised in cases of threat to the life and health of the woman, when the foetus suffers from a “severe and irreversible foetal defect or incurable illness [threatening] the foetus’ life” and when the pregnancy results from rape and incest.
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30 Jun 2016